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The Pitt County Detention Center has been fully PREA compliant since June 10, 2016. 


This was a collaborative effort and a significant achievement. The Pitt County Detention Center was one of the first Detention/Jail branch, Sheriff facilities in the state to comply with PREA standards.


Pitt County Detention Center has a Zero Tolerance Policy for PREA related incidents.


Inmates have a right to be free from sexual abuse and harassment. Zero Tolerance means that no sexual act, contact or harassment, will be tolerated between any inmate with another inmate and/or between an inmate and an employee. 


Staff found guilty of such violations will be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including immediate termination and possible criminal prosecution. 


Inmates will be subject to disciplinary action consistent with the requirements of Pitt County Detention Center’s inmate disciplinary procedures, and may be subject to criminal prosecution.


Pitt County Detention Center is committed to its “zero-tolerance policy” of sexual assault and sexual victimization. This zero-tolerance policy affects every employee and every person under Pitt County Detention Center supervision. 


You can report any assaults or victimizations that are sexual in nature to a staff member in writing, through email, or by calling (252) 902-2941. 


If you wish to report anonymously, you may contact the private, non-profit agency Pitt-Greenville Crime Stoppers at 252-758-7777, online at, or on the P3Tips phone app.


A thorough investigation of all reports will be conducted and kept as confidential as the circumstance allows.

PREA Questions & Concerns


Officer Steven Lassiter

PREA Coordinator

(252) 902-2941

2023 Pitt County PREA Final Audit Report 

2019 Pitt County PREA Final Audit Report 

2016 Pitt County PREA Final Audit Report

2022 Pitt County PREA Sexual Abuse Data 

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