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Pitt County was named after William Pitt, Earl of Chatham. William Pitt was an English statesman and orator, born in London, England. He studied at Oxford University and in 1731, Pitt joined the army. Pitt led the young "Patriot" Whigs and in 1756 became Secretary of State, where he was a pro-freedom speaker in the British Colonial government. Pitt County was founded in 1760 under the British Colonial government. Prior to 1760, there was one large county, Beaufort; which was split into five smaller counties, Pitt County being one of those. Since 1970, Pitt County has operated under the County Manager style of government.  

Pitt County is a rapidly growing, diversified employment and service center for eastern North Carolina. As one of the fastest growing regions in the state, Pitt County Government strives to enhance the health, safety and well-being of our community by advocating for and providing quality services in a friendly, efficient and cost-effective manner.  


Since 1760, we've proudly served the residents of this great region. For over 250 years, we have worked on building our legacy, and now eagerly look forward to experiencing fond memories of our rich heritage, and the excitement of what the future will bring for our thriving communities.  


As per the Cost of Living Index for 2019, the cost of living for Greenville is 87.6% (or 12.4% below) the national average. A break down in goods and services for cost of living compared to the national average is as follows:  

  • Food & Groceries: 91.9%

  • Housing (Homeowner): 64.8%  Median Home Cost: $121,200 

  • Utilities: 101.1%

  • Transportation: 84.0%

  • Health: 116.3%

  • Miscellaneous: 102.0% (includes the cost of clothing, restaurants, repairs, entertainment, and other services) 



U.S. Census Bureau, 2020 Decennial Census, Pitt County data estimates:

Population: 170,243



Pitt County has a relatively mild climate and experiences all four seasons each year. The average summer temperature in Pitt County is 84 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average winter temperature is 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Each year, the area experiences an average 48.24 inches of rainfall. The growing season in Pitt County lasts a full 215 days annually. 


Pitt County covers 651.58 square miles of prime agricultural land in eastern North Carolina. The county is approximately 90 miles from the nearest beach, Atlantic Beach, NC, and approximately 78 miles from our state capital, Raleigh, NC. The county’s highest point is 126.4 feet above sea level, in the Northwest portion of the county.  


Pitt County has 10 municipalities: Ayden, Bethel, Falkland, Farmville, Fountain, Greenville, Grifton, Grimesland, Simpson, Winterville.  Other non-incorporated communities are throughout the county.  PLUS, we are blessed to have the small "communities" with the Pitt Community College Bulldogs and the ECU Pirates! Maps of Pitt County.


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