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K-9 Unit - Specialized By Assignment

This is our lovable Deputy Drifter, a golden retriever therapy dog.


Deputy Drifter is a golden retriever who became part of the Pitt County Sheriff's Office family in mid 2021.  He was born on August 6, 2018.  Drifter is the first of his kind in eastern North Carolina.  Unlike most working law enforcement dogs, he is not trained to locate narcotics, track criminals, or subdue fleeing felons.  He is a specially trained therapy dog whose only mission is to love, calm, and help people.  He works a regular shift with Deputy Chris Curtis.  Drifter is a regular sight in the offices around the county courthouse where he interacts with staff members.  He assists anyone who may be stressed.  He helps crime victims.  He has helped children and other witnesses who were required to testify in trials but were struggling with the difficulties that go along with doing so.  He is a frequent visitor to area schools, senior centers, community events, and just about anywhere else when there's a need.  He likes to do tricks for crowds and spend time loving on each person who wants to meet him.

Now you can follow Deputy Drifter's daily adventures on his own personal Facebook page. 

Drifter has even started recording some of his antics.  Check him out on TikTok at @DeputyDrifter

For more information on Deputy Drifter or to schedule an appearance, please contact his partner at the following.

Deputy Christopher Curtis

(252) 214-8416

K-9 Patrol Unit Supervisor​

Sgt. Macon Moore

Patrol Division


K-9 Handler for Deputy Drifter

Deputy Christopher Curtis

(252)  214-8416


@DeputyDrifter on Facebook

@DeputyDrifter on TikTok

This is Freya, our K9 Detention Officer.


Sheriff Paula Dance takes the responsibility of maintaining a detention center that is safe for the inmates, staff, and visitors very seriously.  She knows that even one piece of contraband in the hands of an inmate is one too many.  Just one could result in the loss of many lives.  In 2021, Sheriff Paula Dance added a new tool to the Pitt County Detention Center's focus on safety.  Her name is Freya.  Freya is a Dutch Shepherd and was less than two years old when she joined our family.  She and her partner, Officer Bates, are specially trained in safe, effective, and modern law enforcement K9 techniques in narcotics and contraband detection.  She and her partner work full-time at the detention center to help maintain the safe environment everyone deserves.



When people think of law enforcement canines, this group is what usually comes to mind.  The Pitt County Sheriff's Office has four K-9 teams assigned to the Patrol Division, answering calls for service, working special assignments, and meeting the needs of both the citizens and other local law enforcement officers.  Each team consists of a K-9 Handler/Deputy Sheriff and a multi-purpose trained law enforcement dog.  Each K-9 is specially trained in obedience, agility, narcotics detection, article search, tracking, building searches, and apprehension.  The K-9 Handler undergoes extensive training with the K-9 as well.  The training goes beyond the initial course and continues on a regular basis throughout the work life of the dedicated animal.

Other Patrol K-9s: Photos To Be Added Soon

Keno: Malinois

Rex: German Shepherd

Rocky: German Shepherd

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