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A graphic representing our Medication Assisted Treatment (M.A.T.) available at our Detention Center.

M.A.T. Program

Jason Jackson, Coordinator

Pitt County Detention Center

Programs Unit

Office: (252) 902-2837



The Medication Assisted Treatment (M.A.T.) program at the Pitt County Detention Center uses medication and group therapy to help inmates who suffer from opioid use disorder. Working in conjunction with PORT Human Services, the Pitt County Detention Center Programs Unit identifies justice involved individuals who are suffering from painful withdrawal symptoms due to chronic opioid use. By performing assessments, then providing medication and counseling the program seeks to alleviate the suffering associated with withdrawal symptoms, and offer the tools inmates need to begin a successful long-term recovery. PORT Human Services and other community-based treatment programs have offered to continue services to these individuals upon their release from our detention center. Through treatment and continued community support, long-term recovery becomes sustainable for a more productive lifestyle that can be free from returns through the criminal justice system.

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