Handgun Purchase Permit Instructions

  • A handgun purchase permit can be completed online at anytime.

  • The fee for a handgun purchase permit is $5.00 per permit. This fee must be paid at the time you complete your application, this fee is nonrefundable. You may pay with a debit/credit card online or you can pay cash in person at the sheriff’s office during regular business hours with proper identification. 

  • To obtain a handgun purchase permit, an application must be completed and submitted for a criminal background check.  In order to be issued an application, you must present a valid picture I.D. showing your Pitt County address.

  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are now mailing approved permits to applicants.  Once your permit is approved you may either come to our office during regular business hours in person to pick up your permit, or you may call our office at (252) 902-2800 and request that the permit be placed in the mail to you.


Handgun Purchase Permit

Most questions can be answered by beginning the permit application process below and reading the listed material.

If you have already done so and still have questions please contact:


(252) 902-2819


To learn more or to begin the permit process, please click the button below.