Career Opportunities


If you are interested in becoming part of the Pitt County Sheriff's Office family or have questions about career options, requirements, training, or want to schedule a ride-a-long please contact:

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office Training and Standards Unit

(252) 902-2655

We employ a variety of sworn and non-sworn positions.

We only hire the very best. The citizens we serve are our friends and families and deserve the very best. Our coworkers are also family. Knowing that the man or woman beside you is competent when your life's on the line is a big deal.


What we do isn't just about knowing the law, shooting accurately, or being physically fit.  Our staff has to have emotional intelligence, empathy and a true calling to serve others is a must. 

It takes a special person to do what we do.  If you think that is you, then please step up and let's talk about options.


In the Sheriff's Office, we have state certified Deputy Sheriffs,  state certified Detention Officers,  state certified Telecommunicators, civilian staff, volunteers, and interns.



Deputy Sheriffs currently have the career growth opportunities as: Basic Deputy, Intermediate Deputy, Master Deputy, Civil Enforcement Deputy, Court Deputy, Environmental Impact Deputy, Airport Deputy, K9 Deputy, Electronic Monitoring Deputy, School Resource Officer, DARE Instructor, Community Impact Officer, Street Crimes Detective, Major Crimes Detective, Forensic Services Detective, Narcotics Detective, Domestic Violence Detective, Public Information Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Chief.



Detention Officers currently have the career growth opportunities as: Basic Detention Officer, Intermediate Detention Officer, Master Detention Officer, Transport Officer, Officer In Charge, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major.



Telecommunicators currently have growth opportunities as: Basic Telecommunicator, Intermediate Telecommunicator, Master Telecommunicator, Communications Supervisor.  Telecommunicators staff the secure communications center located in the courthouse.  They answer emergency and routine calls for assistance by telephone from citizens.  They dispatch calls to deputies and manage radio communications. They operate a stationary radio console, computer aided dispatch terminals, and various state record database systems.



There is a wide array of civilian positions with varied roles within the main Sheriff's Office, Detention Center, and ID Lab.


We have an amazing staff of volunteers who assist us in meeting our goals.  We also host several college interns each year.