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Chief John Guard


Capt Godley.png


Captain of Patrol

(252) 902-2114



Community Patrol Unit

(252) 902-2164

Lieutenant Joseph Neal


Community Patrol Unit

(252) 902-2127

Lieutenant William Lanier


Community Patrol Unit

(252) 902-2122

Lieutenant Justin Jones


Training and Standards Unit

(252) 902-2865

Lieutenant Chad Clark



(252) 902-2116



Captain of Administration

(252) 902-2944

Lieutenant Tim Daugherty


Civil Process Unit

(252) 902-2719

Lieutenant Shelton Davis


Court Services Unit

(252) 902-2841

Patrol Division

This division is divided into the following units:

  • Community Patrol Unit

  • K9 Unit

  • Domestic Violence Unit

  • Electronic Monitoring Unit

  • Training and Standards Unit

  • Environmental Enforcement Unit

  • Airport Security Unit

  • Quartermaster​

  • Court Services Unit

  • Civil Process Unit

  • Communications Center

  • Support Services Unit

Uniformed Patrol Unit

This unit consists of four squads under the command of Shift Lieutenants.  These deputies within this unit conduct community patrol throughout the county in their assigned zone.  They respond to calls for service, conduct warrant service, conduct investigations, and carry out other routine patrol functions as necessary.


K9 Unit

This unit is comprised of four deputies who are subject matter experts in K9 law enforcement techniques. They have assigned K9 partners and conduct operations throughout the county as needed.  The K9s are cross trained in narcotics detection, mantracking for missing or wanted persons, article search, and apprehension.


Domestic Violence Unit

A team of specially trained detectives focusing primarily on the prevention of domestic violence, response to domestic violence concerns, and legal enforcement against domestic aggressors.  

Victim Advocacy is an important function within our Domestic Violence Unit.  They assist our citizens when a crime occurs against them. Our advocates are available to assist both law enforcement officials and victims during this sensitive time.


The advocate's office is located in the Sheriff's Office at the courthouse, 100 W. Third Street. Their office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday- Friday.

Our Investigators and our Advocates are members of the Pitt County Sexual Assault Response Team; the Pitt County Domestic Violence Network; the Pitt County Human Trafficking Task Force and the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking. 

Electronic Monitoring Unit

The program began as an effort to ease overcrowding at the detention center and expanded into an effective supervision program with noted positive behavioral impacts. 

Training and Standards Unit

Manage human resources services for the office.  Conduct background investigations. Manage the certification process to meet state standards.  Manage initial, inservice, and specialty training services for all staff.  


Environmental Enforcement Unit

Environmental Deputy Nick Whaley focuses his time on topics such as investigating cases of illegal dumping as well as examining violations at the county's landfill and convenience disposal sites.  He operates an anti-littering campaign and coordinates the cleanup of county roadways of trash.  Deputy Whaley has instituted an online form to report illegal dumping.  You can find it at  You can also make reports by phone at (252) 902-3357 or (252) 414-0378 (cell phone).


Airport Security Unit

This unit provides internal and external security services for the Pitt-Greenville Airport daily.



The Quartermaster oversees supply and inventory functions of all sheriff's office property as well as the issuance, maintenance, and evaluation of equipment and supplies. 

Support Services Unit

The Sheriff’s Office Clerks in the Courthouse Office can assist you with the following services:

  • Obtaining A Report

    • Fees for reports are $2.00 per report. The only part of the report we can release is the public copy. This will not include the deputy's narrative.


  • Processing Civil Papers

    • The cost of having a civil action processed by this department is $30.00 per defendant for North Carolina plaintiffs and $32.00 per defendant for out of state plaintiffs.


  • Outstanding Civil/Criminal Papers

    • We attempt to provide as much information to the public over the telephone as possible.  We are happy to provide you with information concerning outstanding civil and criminal process on subjects; however, this information is provided in person only, with proper identification. 


Civil Process Unit

  • Serves a variety of legal papers of a civil nature, as opposed to a criminal complaint (divorce, lawsuit, tax debt, eviction, etc).

  • Serves civil and criminal legal papers related to child support and the collection of delinquent child support payments.


  • Arrests those who fail to make payment or appear in court as ordered to do so by a court of law.

  • Conducts "Sheriff Sale" events as ordered by the courts to satisfy legal judgments against individual defendants.


Civil Process Unit: (252) 902-2710

Court Services Unit

  • Provides security and bailiff services for all district and superior courtrooms and the courthouse.

Communications Center

  • Staff the central communication center handling emergency and routine telephone and radio communications, computer aided dispatch services, and DCI/NCIC terminal access.

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