Citizen's Academy

The Citizen's Academy is a ten week interactive educational program designed to provide citizens of all backgrounds, ages 18 and up, the opportunity to meet key leaders from throughout the Sheriff's Office. The citizens learn about the roles and responsibilities of the Sheriff's Office as they explore various aspects of local law enforcement, including:

  • Management/Leadership

  • Narcotics/Special Operations Investigations

  • Major Crimes Investigations

  • Civil Enforcement Operations

  • Child Support Enforcement

  • Communications Center (With Tour)

  • Court Operations (With Tour & Mock Trial)

  • Forensics/Crime Scene Investigations (With Lab Tour)

  • Detention Center (With Tour)

  • Electronic Monitoring

  • Community Patrol Division Operations

  • Community Impact Unit- SROs-DARE-Crime Prevention

  • Graduation Ceremony


Teen Citizen's Academy

The Teen Citizen's Academy is a new initiative being launched in mid 2020.  While in some ways similar to the traditional Citizen's Academy, the teen version hopes more to form a long term bond between our youth and public servants and to build skills within the teens to help them be more successful and productive citizens in our complex society.  More information will debut early in 2020.

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Community Impact Unit

Lieutenant Freda Godley-Hines

Office: (252) 902-2725