Inmate Mail
       Pitt County Detention Center
       124 New Hope Road
       Greenville, NC 27834 


  • Mail should have a return name and full return address, and be addressed to the inmate using the same name and spelling under which the inmate was booked.

  • If mail regulations are not followed or items of contraband are found, the entire envelope (along with its contents) will be returned to the sender or turned over to a an officer for investigation. 


  • Mail is normally distributed within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays. 


  • Paperback books, magazines and newspapers will be received from a book club, mail order bookstore or directly from a publisher ONLY. 

  • No more than two paperback books will be received and they can be no larger than 7” x 9” x 2”. 


  • No hardcover books will be accepted. 


  • Items from individual persons or walk-in bookstores will be returned to the sender. 


  • Any book or material that contains obscene pictures, racist, “hate” materials, incites violence, rape, homosexual sex or sodomy, or that otherwise compromises the safety, security or proper order of this facility will be confiscated and/or returned to the sender. 


  • Materials depicting human nudity are not allowed in the Pitt County Detention Center.

  • Fragrances are prohibited. 

  • Envelopes may not be decorated with hand-drawn art. 

  • Gang symbols and colors are prohibited. 


  • Our staff will open General Mail outside of the presence of the inmate. 


  • All mail will be closely examined for contraband, read and, under some circumstances, withheld from the inmate and turned over to administrators. 


  • General mail may contain the following items ONLY: one greeting card (no larger than 5” by 8”,) one page reproduced or copied from a mass produced item such as a book or items from the Internet, up to ten pages of person-to-person correspondence (handwritten or typed,) two small newspaper clippings, two photographs (no larger than 4” by 6”,) two booklets (no larger than 4” by 6”,) and a certified check or money order. DO NOT SEND CASH! 


  • “Musical” greeting cards will be deactivated. 


  • Polaroid™ photographs are prohibited.

Inmate Telephone Usage
  • Inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls. 


  • Under normal circumstances, inmates are allowed to make phone calls through the Inmate Telephone System. 


  • Calls are generally allowed during an inmate’s recreation time. 


  • Inmate phones are not owned or operated by the Pitt County Detention Center. An outside vendor provides this service. 


  • The Pitt County Detention Center monitors and records all telephone calls made on the inmate telephone system. 


  • All calls are “collect” and three-way calling is prohibited. 


  • Calls are limited to ten minutes. 

  • To report billing problems, poor service, to block a number or to troubleshoot a blocked number, call Pay-Tel Communications toll free at 1-800-729-8355. 

  • All charges are consistent with N. C. Utilities Commission regulations. If you find the inmate telephone system too expensive, we encourage you to use the U.S. Mail. Most inmates enjoy receiving mail and having frequent contact with family members and friends.


Messages to Inmates
  • Except in the case of verified life or death emergencies, staff members will not pass messages to inmates. 


  • All information will be verified before any message is delivered. A supervisor will contact doctors, hospitals, funeral homes, etc. before passing a message to an inmate. To speed the process, please have this information (contact persons, phone numbers, etc.) available before you call. 


  • For emergency messages, call (252) 902-2670, explain your dilemma and ask for the Shift Lieutenant.

Pitt County Detention Center (PCDC)


Main Office: 252-902-2800

Fax: 252-830-4637

Communication Center (Non-Emergency): 252-830-4141

Emergency: 911

E-mail the Pitt County Sheriff's Office


100 W. 3rd Street

Greenville, NC 27834

Located inside the Pitt County Courthouse


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