Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions our office receives. If you have a question not listed below, please contact us.

What is the difference between a police department and a sheriff's office?

Both a police department and a sheriff's office have the same legal authority to enforce the criminal and traffic laws. Both law enforcement agencies have the powers of arrest and the power to issue citations. Police Departments are traditionally formed to protect municipalities although some counties have formed police departments as well. Sheriffs hold constitutional offices and their offices have a few requirements that police departments do not. In North Carolina, sheriffs are mandated to serve civil processes, manage the county detention centers, and to provide court security whereas police departments are not. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for maintaining the Sex Offender Registry and is the authority that issues gun and conceal and carry permits. Also, sheriffs and deputies have jurisdiction throughout the county in which they serve. Police officers only have jurisdiction within the corporate city limits of their municipality, state agency/school, or business unless a special circumstance exists or they are within what is known as the extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Do you send patches and/or other memorabilia to collectors?

Due to security concerns we do not typically send patches or others memorabilia to collectors. If you feel a special circumstance applies you can certainly contact us and explain your needs.

Could I get the Sheriff or a deputy to come speak or give a demonstration?

Our staff is very active in the community on and off-duty. We regularly staff events such as community fairs and festivals, parades, fundraisers, and other events. We also speak on a variety of topics, teach classes, give speeches, and offer demonstrations on a regular basis. Please contact us through email or phone to discuss options. Our calendar fills up quickly, more notice the better.

What do you do to help kids in our county?

We strive to gain the respect and trust of our county's children. We speak often at youth groups and schools, teach the D.A.R.E. program, provide school resources officers in our school system, and frequently mentor youth. We have two deputies who hold offices on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina D.A.R.E. Officer's Association. We also engage with our youth through events such as Trunk of Treats, parades, dances, parties, festivals, and other community events.

If I know something someone has done that is wrong how can I report it without "getting involved"?

You may call the Sheriff's Office, email any of our staff, stop one of our deputies to chat or remain anonymous by reporting it to Crime Stoppers at (252) 758-7777, online at, or on the P3Tips phone app.

A neighbor's dog is always barking and it is annoying.  It also disturbs my sleep.  What can be done?

Dogs can be wonderful pets but we know that they can cause heartburn for others as well. Here are some things for you to consider and some information on how we can help you. You can read over the county ordinances (local laws) and see how they apply to your specific situation. 1) Here is a link to Pitt County’s Noise Ordinance. It applies to all instances of noise pollution causing excessive annoyance. There is a clause in it that refers to animals. Consider refering to the ordinance to understand the legal requirements. PITT COUNTY NOISE ORDINANCE 2) Here is a link to the Pitt County Animal Services Ordinance. PITT COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES ORDINANCE Typically the animal services ordinance will not handle a dog situation if it is just a situation of barking as a nuisance. Sometimes animal situations are much broader than that though. If you are having animal concerns please consider reviewing the ordinance to see if anything applies in your situation. If you need to call animal control during regular hours their number is 252-902-1725. If you need to speak with a deputy to get further guidance on the problem, have questions answered, or to file a complaint, feel free to call 252-830-4141 anytime 24/7 and we’ll be glad to take care of you.

My neighbor makes so much noise and it disturbs my sleep.  What can be done?

We get a lot of noise complaints from citizens across Pitt County. Complaints come in as a result of parties, loud music without parties, fireworks, shooting of weapons, revving of engines, working on cars, dogs barking, and many others reasons. We will gladly have a deputy speak with you to evaluate your situation and see what can be done to assist you. We will be glad to come out to the area and investigate the disturbance. Feel free to call our communications center at (252) 830-4141 24/7 to request assistance with this problem. In the meantime, here is a link to the Pitt County Noise Ordinance (local law) that guides what is and is not legal and what can be done. PITT COUNTY NOISE ORDINANCE

What all do I have to do legally to protect kids when storing my guns?

The first law referenced (14-269.2(b)) refers to bringing a weapon onto a school campus. It is so very important that firearms in the home be secured so that children do not have access. Even children without usual "behavioral" problems get curious at times, want to show off for friends, or even get scared of bullies at school or in the community and make poor decisions that alter the courses of everyone's lives. Another important firearm safety note is to never leave a firearm stored in your vehicle. We receive reports on a regular basis of vehicles being broken into where firearms are stolen. Those firearms often end up in the hands of some very bad people. Please, do not store firearms in vehicles at any time. Stay safe Pitt County!


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