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Pitt County Sheriff's Office

Pitt County Sheriff's Office

Pitt County Sheriff's Office

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The Community Patrol Division is responsible for answering all calls for service from residents and for serving both civil and criminal process.

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• Unit serves legal papers relating to child support and collection of delinquent child support payments when possible

• arrests those who fail to make payment or appear in court as ordered to do so by a court of law

Contact  Contact: Lt. W.Hyman (252) 902-2710

To learn more about the enforcement of child support in North Carolina, visit http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dss/cse/
Medical Care
Emergency medical care is available 24-hours-per-day. Routine medical, dental and psychiatric services are also available. Nursing staff is on-duty and a physician is on-call at all times. Medical specialists are also available. Inmates requesting non-emergency medical care may sign up for sick call at any time by contacting a detention officer and requesting a sick call form. Sick call is conducted on a regular basis. Inmates are assessed a $10.00 co-pay for non-emergency medical and dental services. No inmate is denied medical care due to an inability to pay. Inmates are not charged co-pay fees for emergency medical or mental health services. Federal regulations limit our ability to disclose medical information, even to family members. Please understand our reluctance to discuss an inmate’s medical condition or treatment.
Except in the case of verified life or death emergencies, staff members will not pass messages to inmates. All information will be verified before any message is delivered. A supervisor will contact doctors, hospitals, funeral homes, etc. before passing a message to an inmate. To speed the process, please have this information (contact persons, phone numbers, etc.) available before you call. For emergency messages, call (252) 902-2670, explain your dilemma and ask for the Shift Lieutenant.
Inmate Telephone
Inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls. Under normal circumstances, inmates are allowed to make phone calls through the Inmate Telephone System. Calls are generally allowed during an inmate’s recreation time. Inmate phones are not owned or operated by the Pitt County Detention Center. An outside vendor provides this service. The Pitt County Detention Center monitors and records all telephone calls made on the inmate telephone system. All calls are “collect” and three-way calling is prohibited. Calls are limited to ten minutes. To report billing problems, poor service, to block a number or to troubleshoot a blocked number, call Pay-Tel Communications toll free at 1-800-729-8355. All charges are consistent with N. C. Utilities Commission regulations. If you find the inmate telephone system too expensive, we encourage you to use the U.S. Mail. Most inmates enjoy receiving mail and having frequent contact with family members and friends.
The jail commissary is not owned or operated by Pitt County. An outside vendor is responsible for its operation and prices. Prices are consistent with local retail outlets. An inmate must have sufficient funds in his trust fund account to order commissary items. Inmates are provided with three nutritious meals daily. Indigent inmates are provided with basic hygiene items, writing materials and postage.
Trust Fund
Government checks, money orders, certified checks and cashier checks can be mailed to inmates at the Detention Center. They must be payable to the inmate (the name under which he/she is booked.) Persons may also bring cash (no coins,) government checks, money orders, certified checks and/or cashier checks to the Special Visitation Office between 8:00 AM and 12:00 Noon, Monday through Friday (except holidays.) If you cannot come during those hours, you can mail a certified check or money order to the Detention Center in care of the inmate.
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