Court Security Services

Court_PicOur Office is charged with ensuring the safety of all persons entering the courthouse to conduct business and those persons in custody. This is accomplished by providing building security and personnel  to District and Superior Courts. 

Responsibilities include:

  • preparing the courtroom for session,
  • assisting and providing security for the judiciary and officers of the court
  • opening, recessing and adjourning every court session; calling out for defendants and subpoenaed witnesses,
  • coordinating and accompanying pre-trial detainees as well as prisoners to and from court,
  • maintaining order in the courthouse as well as in each of the courtrooms,
  • enforcing all orders of the court,
  • assisting the clerk of court with the movement of trial evidence, and documents,
  • sequestering and ensuring the comfort and integrity of the jury,
  • service all criminal and civil process emanating from the court including the execution of lawful writs and court orders, and
  • transporting pre-trial detainees to out of county detention centers, prisoners to correctional facilities, mental commitments as well as pre-trial detainees for medical purposes, as necessary, throughout the state. 

Court security is not limited to the Pitt County Courthouse. Twice weekly court is held in the towns of Ayden and Farmville. Under certain conditions court is also held at the Pitt County Memorial Hospital. First Appearance hearings are held Monday through Friday at the Pitt County Detention Center for those persons that are unable to make bond. We also coordinate with the National Guard and the Greenville Police Department to provide security and assist with security issues at the Pitt-Greenville Airport.

Not sure of your court date or location? Visit the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts website. 

If you would like to know more about what the Court Security Services Section does or would like to arrange a group tour of the Pitt County Courthouse, please contact

icon-contactSgt. R. Garcia at 252-902-2663

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