Inmate Telephone

Inmate Telephone
Inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls. Under normal circumstances, inmates are allowed to make phone calls through the Inmate Telephone System. Calls are generally allowed during an inmate’s recreation time. Inmate phones are not owned or operated by the Pitt County Detention Center. An outside vendor provides this service. The Pitt County Detention Center monitors and records all telephone calls made on the inmate telephone system. All calls are “collect” and three-way calling is prohibited. Calls are limited to ten minutes. To report billing problems, poor service, to block a number or to troubleshoot a blocked number, call Pay-Tel Communications toll free at 1-800-729-8355. All charges are consistent with N. C. Utilities Commission regulations. If you find the inmate telephone system too expensive, we encourage you to use the U.S. Mail. Most inmates enjoy receiving mail and having frequent contact with family members and friends.
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