May 10, 2012 Operation Support Your Child

Pitt County Sheriff Office Press Release







Press Release

May 10, 2012


Operation:  Support Your Child


In a countywide crackdown on noncustodial parents, the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office will begin a month long effort to aggressively collect overdue child support and serve civil process papers.


This program starts on May 17 and will continue through Father’s Day on June 17.  Many of the over 250 warrants to be served during the enforcement are outstanding by years. These suspects have been on the run, but deputies believe that they are still in Pitt County.  In total, the child support delinquent amount adds up to over $1 million.


The PCSO Civil Unit works closely with the Department of Social Services.  Even though over $13 million in delinquent child support was collected last year and over 3260 civil process papers have been served in Pitt County since July1, 2011, the job is never caught up.  Each month, DSS provides hundreds of civil process papers that are issued to be served. All of these documents are served by four deputies.


“Failure to obey court orders and pay child support is an ongoing problem for all communities,” Sheriff Neil Elks stated.  “Not living up to parental responsibilities has an extreme negative impact on our community and society as a whole.”


Sheriff Elks will discuss and answer questions on May 17 at 11:00 in the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office conference room.


The media is invited to follow units while warrants are served.



For Further Information, contact

Christy Wallace

Public Information Director


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