The Volunteer ATV Search & Rescue Team purpose is to provide a reliable, functional, trained unit to assist the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office and surrounding counties with search and rescue emergencies, and to also provide security patrol during special events and natural disasters .

Who makes up the ATV Search & Rescue Team?

The ATV Search & Rescue Team is a volunteer organization comprised of citizens throughout Pitt County.

Requirements for membership

• Volunteers must be 21 years of age. • Must pass a background check conducted by the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office.

• Must supply your own ATV (4x4 preferably), and means of transporting it to search and rescue locations, trainings and special events.  Applicant should have also completed an approved ATV Rider Safety Course and provide certificate.

What required training do I receive as a ATV Search & Rescue Volunteer?

• CPR & First Aid

• Map & Compass reading

• Radio Communications

• Evidence Protection

• Traffic Control

• Participate in simulated training searches

• Overview of Pitt County Sheriff’s operations

Each member is certified through the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office. Members are encouraged to attend scheduled business meetings as well as scheduled training to retain their Volunteer  ATV Search & Rescue Certification.

Do I receive any equipment to assist with the ATV Search & Rescue Team?

Riders Receive:

• A Black DOT Safety Helmet

• Tan Polo Style Shirt with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office ATV Search & Rescue Embroider on the Chest • Reflective Visibility Vest /Hats/Reflective Visibility Rain Gear

• First Aid & CPR Supplies and equipment

How is the Volunteer Mounted Patrol funded?

The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer ATV Search and Rescue Team raises money through fund raisers, receives donations and contributions from local businesses, civic organizations, and private citizens.

Who would I contact for more information on volunteering or to make a donation to the Volunteer  ATV Search and Rescue Team ?

Call: Mark Windham at: 252-531-4734

Send Donations to:

Pitt County Sheriff’s Office
ATV Search & Rescue Team
P.O. Box 528
Greenville, NC 27835-0528



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