Pitt County Sheriff Speaks Out on Safety

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For Immediate Release:
January 10, 2011

Pitt County Sheriff Speaks Out On Safety

In the aftermath of the deadly mass-shooting at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' political event in Tucson on Saturday, and the open gun fire at a school board meeting in Bay County, Florida in December, Pitt County Deputies will have an increased presence at similar events. Sheriff Neil Elks said his office is keeping a closer eye on similar gatherings and meetings following events such as these.

“We are stepping up security to deter any threat,” stated Elks. “As always, we are reviewing our procedures to keep our citizens, and our public officials, as safe as possible.” Elks also said it's important for citizens to alert deputies of suspicious behavior. "If you see something out of the ordinary, or if someone is posting strange messages on social sites, let us know, and so that suspicious activity can be checked out," said Elks. Local politicians who feel uneasy or threatened can also request extra security from the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office if there are safety concerns.

"We must, in a democracy, have access to our constituents," said Elks. “Meetings and informal events like the one Giffords was hosting on Saturday are an important part of hearing from the people that are being represented.”

For more Information, contact:
Christy Wallace
Public Information Director

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